The new Ukrainian Army

New Ukrainian Army
New Ukrainian Army (The Day in Photos – August 24, 2015
New Ukrainian Military to defend Ukraine ( )

These aren’t soldiers who serve in a color guard.

These are soldiers who are ready to defend Ukraine now. They deserve respect for their bravery and dignity, because these young men and women are the only ones fighting the mighty brutal evil Russian Army while the world believes RT and Putin propaganda. No foreign country taught them to defend themselves nor does any foreign country help them.  They get band aids and humanitarian help that’s it.

After 25 years of demilitarization in Ukraine, this army got together in less than a year and marched down the main street of Kyiv on August 24th to celebrate Independence Day. That is where the Maidan defenders of Ukraine had been gunned down by Putin’s snipers.

At the same  time when during the week of February 18th, 2014, Russia entered Ukraine in Krym (Crimea) and  Eastern Ukraine,   Ukraine was without a President, Parliament had just been taken over by Maidan,  Yanik’s house was vacated by him and he fled to Russia to Putin never to return again,  and the funerals for the “Heavenly Sotnia” started and were taking place everyday.

The Maidan  “samo oborona” national guard,  kept the border in check, by going to the front immediately. While they did this, they were  allowing  the military forces  to form. This is incredible. We should all be so proud of our young Ukrainian people. I don’t think they will ever allow themselves to be occupied or ruled by Russia again. It is over…
Notice there is no display of weapons at this parade. There is a display of young men and women, and they are beautiful  and they are defending their nation from a horrible attack a cruel invader, Russia. They are honored to be walking and marching through the streets of their capital  Kyiv to the tune of “Za Ukrayinu za yiyi Volyu za chest; i slavu za narod” .

The Maidan was a movement to defend our Ukrainian dignity against terror, corruption and occupation in camouflage. Maidan2014  exposed Russia and corruption to the world.  A world who stood by and watched while educated people were shot down in their capital city in the heart of Europe. A world which later watched the invaders, the Russians shoot down a passenger plane over Eastern Ukraine and not be tried for this offense.

Now under the will of Maidan Ukraine was saved, and the Ukrainian army got itself  together and is now defending Ukraine’s dignity and standing with the Maidan national guard volunteers. Again Ukraine is more united than ever.

Poroshenko states, these forces were born in a Free Ukraine and they will defend all of free Ukraine, every ethnic group, religion, tribe , etc that is Ukraine and is found on Ukrainian soil and  needs protection from an invader or aggressor. In this case it is Russia.

I remember a cold war slogan, better dead than red……

We should all be so proud of the Ukraine defense forces, and be happy to be a part of this great nation called Ukrayina and descendents of ancient Kyiv rus’ . It is Ukraine alone that is defending the world from Putin, who sponsors Iran, Korea and ISIS.  These terror groups  are all  on his tab.

Halyna Klymuk X

August 29, 2015

Naples, Florida